Theme 1 Projects

Theme 1:
Proto-OKN Use Cases

Fifteen projects in this category will develop knowledge graphs or “nodes” of the Proto-OKN that address specific use-case challenges using well-identified data sets and a user-centric design process to help ensure usability and sustainability of the effort. Theme 1 Use Case projects will work in close collaboration with Theme 2 OKN Fabric projects to deploy their use cases on a common implementation fabric.

These projects are part of the Biology & Health Group.

These projects are part of the Environment Group.

NSF Award #2333782
SAWGraph: Safe Agricultural Products and Water Graph

PI: Torsten Hahmann, University of Maine
Co-PIs: Onur Apul, Ganga
Hettiarachchi, Pascal Hitzler, Hari Prasath Palani

NSF Award #2333726
WEN-OKN: The Water-Energy Nexus Open Knowledge Network

PI: Lilit Yeghiazarian, University of Cincinnati
Co-PIs: Siddharth Saksena, Eric Welch, Ilya Zaslavsky, Justin Zhan

NSF Award #2333789
Knowledge Graph to Support Evaluation and Development of Climate Models

PI: Eduard Dragut, Temple University
Co-PI: Longin Jan Latecki

NSF Award #2333834
SOCKG: Digging Into Soil Carbon With USDA: A Knowledge Graph Informing Soil Carbon Modeling

PI: Chengkai Li, The University of Texas at Arlington
Co-PI: Jianzhong Su

These projects are part of the Justice Group.

NSF Award #2333836
Creating a Cross-Domain Knowledge Graph to Integrate Health and Justice for Rural Resilience

PI: Jiaqi Gong, University of Alabama
Co-PIs: James Geyer, Xiaoyan Hong, Matthew Hudnall, Hee Yun Lee

NSF Award #2333803
IJP: An Integrated Justice Platform to Connect Criminal Justice Data Across Data Silos

PI: Adam Pah, Georgia State University; Charlotte Alexander

NSF Award #2333790
A Knowledge Graph Warehouse for Neighborhood Information

PI: Jing Gao, Purdue University
Co-PIs: Fenglong Ma, Jingbo Shang, Daniel Semenza

These projects are part of the Technology & Manufacturing Group.

NSF Award #2333737
CollabNext: A Person-Focused Metafabric for Open Knowledge Networks

PI: Lew Lefton, Georgia Institute of Technology
Co-PIs: Didier Contis, Kexin Rong

NSF Award #2333736
Knowledge Graph Construction for Resilient, Trustworthy, and Secure Software Supply Chains

PI: Tianyi Zhang, Purdue University
Co-PIs: Muhao Chen, Xiang Ren, Xiangyu Zhang

NSF Award #2333801
SUDOKN: Supply and Demand Open Knowledge Network

PI: Farhad Ameri, Arizona State University
Co-PIs: Srividya Bansal, Hyunwoong Ko, Binil Starly

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